The Benefits of Micropolishing to you and your customer
  • machineSurface finish    Ra (a calculation of microscopic peaks and valleys).
  • Bearing ratio     Tp (area of support for mating part)
  • Bearing roundness
  • Bearing flatness
  • Bearing waviness
  • Surface crosshatch (for oil retention)
  • Reduced oil hole washout
  • Fillet polish (tangential and relieved)
  • Thrustwall Micropolishing improves surface finish, maintains or improves parallel and squareness and eliminates grinder pattern on thrustwall surface
  • Oilseal straight line surface to eliminate oil leaks
  • Ferrite cap removal
  • Consistent surface finish on outside diameters and lobes
  • Less operator experience
  • Abrasive tape cost is less compared to belts and belt preparation
  • No airborne particles to contaminate the air you breathe

As a result your engine will run more efficient, produce better mileage and have better performance all because of reduced friction with mating parts, more consistent surface finish, tighter tolerances which allows oil passage

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